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Integrated Healthcare


Patient Focused, Customer Centered & Caregiver Inspired

Health plans, healthcare sytems and local communities across the United States can leverage the expertise of our interprofessional workforce and the value of our national footprint, operational infrastructure and innovative technologies to fill gaps in service, provide economies of scale and improve operational efficiencies to generate substantial savings for their organizations. 

Improving the Patient Experience 

Our interprofessional, team-based care delivery model strives to improve healthcare quality measures, performance standards and clinical outcomes. No matter when the patient's healthcare needs arise or where they may be calling from, AMR's professional team of integrated healthcare providers and our national Medical Command Center staff will be there to provide the right care at the right time to ensure the right outcome at the right cost. 

Medical Command Center Solutions

The Medical Command Centers are clinical practices that link mobile resources together, integrate and coordinate them to respond appropriately to patient needs. A network of physical care coordination and communication centers link 911 services, nurse navigators and mobile clinical care teams through our innovative communications and logistical management platforms that can provide direct consultation with other clinicians to improve the patient experience and outcomes across the continuum. 

Mobile Integrated Healthcare Solutions

AMR's Mobile Integrated Healthcare (MIH) programs are designed to utilize the appropriate provider, tools and technologies required to best meet the various healthcare needs of patient populations. 

AMR Mobile Integrated Healthcare clinicians understand that healing doesn't start at the hospital door, and that it doesn't end there either. We believe that healing begins and ends with the patient and that the only doors that matter are the ones we're breaking through to ensure that healing tomorrow is more effective, affordable and accessible than it is today. 

Occupational Health Solutions 

AMR's Occupational Health program offers customizable services that benefit a company's work location and operations. The goal of this program is to be as effective as possible in protecting employees' health and well-being. AMR is able to support specific medical needs for places like offshore oil and gas operations, maritime vessels, remote work camps, rural locations and more through a single source. Our solutions provide employees with a process that directs them to the right place of care at the right time, and away from time-consuming and costly ER visits.

Leveraging the Latest Technologies and Clinical Practices 

AMR Integrated Healthcare uses the latest innovative technologies and patient-centered clinical practices to provide unprecedented care coordination, patient navigation and rapid mobile response when and where our patients need it most. 

Responsible, Reliable, Respected: AMR Integrated Healthcare is Adding Value and Improving Outcomes

  • Generating substantial savings and income growth 
  • Increasing patient experience and satisfaction 
  • Providing better access to care 
  • Increasing operational efficiencies 
  • Improving quality measures, performance standards and clinical outcomes