AMR in the Sonoma County Community

AMR/Sonoma Life Support has been honored to serve the Sonoma County community with 911 ambulance services for 30 years. AMR is a locally-focused healthcare provider that also has extensive resources as the largest ground and air ambulance provider in the nation.

AMR partners with hospitals, fire departments, law enforcement agencies and various community organizations to enhance public safety, healthcare and community services to all Sonoma County residents and visitors. In addition to emergency 911 ambulance services, AMR also provides specialty medical/ambulance standby services and non-emergency ambulance transportation. AMR, as part of Global Medical Response, is also partnered with REACH Air Medical Services, who provides emergency air ambulance services based out of the Sonoma County Airport. AMR also provides 911 ambulance and related medical services in many surrounding communities in Northern California, strengthening the availability of resources during disasters. Our talented caregivers provide high-quality care and transportation to more than 28,000 patients in Sonoma County every year, using state-of-the-art vehicles and medical equipment.

When disasters strike, AMR is always there to answer the call. Whether it is a fire, flood, earthquake, the COVID-19 pandemic or one of the thousands of patients we care for each year, we are honored to serve this community.

AMR Sonoma is proud to be the only ambulance provider in Sonoma County that has achieved accreditation by the Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services (CAAS). This accreditation is considered the nationally recognized “gold standard” by which ambulance services are measured.

Services in Sonoma County