Event Medical

Event Medical

Across the nation, American Medical Response (AMR) is unmatched among healthcare providers in providing event medical and incident management experience. When seconds count, having dependable professionals on your team makes a difference. That is why several well-known venues, franchises and brands rely on AMR.

Your Event. Our Medical Team.

Our event-based service delivery experience is wide-ranging, from single EMT coverage for smaller private events to complex EMS deployments with dozens of resources to include standby ambulances, response teams on foot, bike or medical cart, staffing for first aid clinics, and event command and control activities. AMR has the expertise and resources to provide professional event-based services designed to limit customers’ liability and satisfy the most customized needs. We offer a variety of options to handle any size event.

  • Professional Sports Teams (NFL, MLB, NBA, WNBA, NHL)
  • Concerts and Conventions
  • Races and Competitions
  • Festivals, Fairs and Parades
  • University Athletics
  • Major Sporting Events (Super Bowls, World Series)
  • NASCAR and Indycar Racing
  • VIP Coverage of the U.S. Presidential Motorcade

Expert Preparation

In preparation for large or high-profile events, we work with event leaders and staff to create an Event Action Plan (EAP). For these larger events, AMR begins deployment planning months in advance with the command staff and finalizes the plan in conjunction with the fire department partners and venue staff the week of the event.

Partner With Us

We’re ready when you need us. From high school activities to major sporting events, music festivals, inaugurations, marathons and concerts, AMR is ready to send an ambulance crew or an individual paramedic or EMT to your event.